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DEC 2012

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Left to right: Muscle Man, Christian Aguilar; Monkey Basketball, Harry Yun; Cowgirl, Miranda Weiss; You Are What You Eat, Amy Xiao. pipe-cleaner tails were added to each. aluminum foil so that it resembled a When the monkeys were dry, each was large baked potato. This would serve hot glued to a wood block and embelas the monkey's torso. They formed lishments were added, such as ocean the neck by pressing in slightly where waves, hats, shoes, and props. they wanted it to be, then covered the forms with strips of paper towels A Lesson in Engineering dipped in papier-mâché paste. Throughout this project, students During the next class, students learned to solve the engineering probmade arms and legs by rolling pipe lems associated with their designs. cleaners into a double layer of pasteWas it possible to saturated paper towels. The ends Throughout this project, make Super Monkey fly, Gymnast Monwere folded over onto students learned to key flip, and Spider themselves for the solve the engineering Monkey climb? It feet and hands, and problems associated was! Monkey Chef a small ball of paper carried platters towel was added for with their designs. of foam food, van the face. We let the Gogh Monkey painted with his tail, pieces dry separately on newspaper and Mermaid Monkey reclined on with students' names clearly visible. a rock. Papier-mâché, wood, fabric, and wire became spaceships, ladders, The Monkeys Come Together parachutes, and monkey bars. SculpWhen the forms were dry, students tural and problem-solving skills were poked holes in the body where the enhanced as the monkeys had to be arms and legs would go, then aesthetically pleasing from all sides, inserted the pipe-cleaner have a sturdy surface, and stay firmly limbs they had previously supported on the wood base. constructed. Small My students loved this project and pieces of paper towels felt a real sense of pride and accomwere wrapped around plishment. Each monkey had a differat the insertion points ent look and personality—each one to keep them attached was unique and expressed the creativand to build up the shoulders and upper legs. ity of the artist. The monkeys were then Editor's Note: The finished pieces are bent into position and reinforced with additional a great advocacy tool to share online or display in your school library or the strips of paste-saturated community. towels. Creative Embellishment Now it was time for creativity to surface! Clothing was added by using a double layer of pasted paper towels for pants and shirts. Keeping the folded edges at the bottom for sleeves and smoothing the torn edges into the body provided a smooth transition. Gathering in the towels created full skirts and even a cape. After the monkeys were painted, a thin layer of gloss was applied to prevent chipping, and googly eyes, foam ears, and Christine Horvatis Blackwood is a retired art teacher who lives in Kenmore, New York. NatioNal StaNdard Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques, and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas. Web liNk papermache01.shtml 33

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