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DEC 2012

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Middle School Studio Lesson Monkey Business Christine Horvatis Blackwood A ballerina, a gladiator, a camper, a baseball player, a surfer, and a shopper; these are just a few of the amazing monkeys that my seventh graders created from papier-mâché. This project provided an opportunity for students to express themselves through the creation of sculptural characters based on their own interests, hobbies, and dreams. 32 december 2012 SchoolArts Not only did this project enable students to explore a variety of ideas, it also appealed to their desire for self-expression and humor. Students explored multiple solutions and interpretations of what their monkeys could become. Ideas ranged from sports figures to future careers, from hobbies to literary figures, and just about everything in between! Creating Base Forms We began with preliminary drawings and demonstrations on papiermâché techniques. We also gathered images of monkeys in order to capture their unique looks. Each student crumpled up a full sheet of newspaper and wrapped it in

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