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The o Series vis Studi Da cators! Studio Edu h School rce for Hig r Resou The Premie Now is the time to check out our popular Davis Studio Series to prepare for your curriculum PerIeNc StudIo ex nce, you In this studio experie features area that shows the map of your local color to you. Include a key, that make it special map ates to make your coding, and coordin to anyone. and understandable clear next year. Our latest titles include Experience Before You Begin You will need: kinds of maps • examples of many pad tissue pad or sketch Clay, Communicating through Graphic • • drawing media knife and cutting board • scissors or craft • metal ruler • T-Square • metal triangles adhesive • repositionable • Computer, plus: , Photoshop Design, and Experience Printmaking. Each book in the series focuses on hands-on learning with: • In-depth studio opportunities e Mapping Your Areacreate a will Indesign - Adobe Illustrator, - color printer quality paper - double-sided photo FREE Studio Lesson! Create It create tive from which to 1 Choose a perspec as many a bird's-eye view, your map. Will it be h? take a different approac maps are, or will it Establish a scale. it be for your map. Will 2 Develop the style edgy, , subtle and refned, colorful and dynamic ous? Sketch the map's geometric, frilly, mysteri style. main elements in this , color coding scheme 3 Decide on a title, key, and ways for in the symbols to be included ing they might be looking users to fnd someth your map? How is the main focus of for. What clear to others? can you make that • Studio-specific rubrics • Step-by-step photographs and illustrations 164 as you can about local town become a town? history. Why did your of local industry or Did it grow because offer many tourist resources? Does it natural is special about it to attractions? What about it to you? others? What is special someone from another • How could you show attractions of and town the attributes you design a map your town? How would local many of your favorite showing a path to might be sports fields, attractions? These ice parlors, churches, bookstores, pizza find —anything that you rinks, pools, quarries able. interesting or memor be to focus on. It can • Decide on an area a a single street, or several square blocks, ion depends on the impress larger area—it all are Choose an area you you want to create. and easily learn about, familiar with or can you. one that interests and wayfinding the sections on maps • Review map examples; in this chapter. Review t. Consider why each compare and contras d as it has. map has been designe • Find out as much Graphic Design Challen ges • Examples by master artists • Exemplary student artwork • Career profiles of contemporary artists Go to for your FREE studio lesson from Communicating through Graphic Design. In "Mapping Your Area," students design a personalized map. Follow us on: For more information, visit, call 800-533-2847, email

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