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Elementary/Middle School Studio Lesson the LivinG Map Laurie Bellet T here is a map/mural of Israel hanging in the hallway across from the art studio at Oakland Hebrew Day School. No ordinary map, this work of art is active with the combined experiences and emotions of our entire school community. Inspiration from an Artist The inspiration for the map came to me at the last National Art Education Association conference in New York City. I was passing the Twisteez Wire exhibit when I stopped to marvel at a three-dimensional mural of New York, crafted with Twisteez and all manner of odds and ends. As I was photographing this piece, to my great delight, the Twisteez representative explained that his sister, Abbie Rabinowitz, is the artist who created the piece and that she lives in my area! On my return home, I wrote to Abbie explaining my passion for her New York mural. Because we were fortunate to have a significant grant from the Covenant Foundation, I was able to invite her to Oakland Hebrew Day School to work with my students to create a similar mural, based on the map of Israel. Preparation To prepare a background structure, I followed Abbie's instructions to cover foam board with lightweight fabric, outlining a 6' tall map. I fixed the map onto a bulletin board also covered with 36 February 2013 SchoolArts fabric. Our idea was to add artistic elements to the map as they were completed. Crafting the Map Armed with a list of landmarks and important details to begin each class, I introduced Abbie and showed photos of her New York mural. Abbie then took over, demonstrating how to use Twisteez to make figures. Discussions of what we would need to represent the experience of life in Israel absorbed students, and they immersed themselves in wire, beads, buttons,

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