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space a repeating rhythm, adding to the decorative quality of the piece. The final step is to fill in any empty space with additional design motifs that enhance the flora and fauna development of the composition. Students outline their images with permanent black markers. I like to Analea, grade seven. posable mixing cups are also made available so that students can mix their own colors. Overpainting Exploring the technique of overpainting is one of the objectives of this lesson. I encourage students to provide a written assessment of what areas were successful and what areas they might change or improve upon. Students really enjoy the decorative and colorful quality of these renditions of Mexican amate bark painting. The artworks are displayed in social studies classrooms to enrich Caroline, grade seven. give painted areas time to dry before have students practice their paintpainting a decorative second layer ing skills before applying them to on top of the first. The last step is to the final design. We talk about how either use white paint with #0 or #00 to hold brushes and how to give the brushes or use paint more fluidity. Introduce students to imagery a white correcTempera used in Mexican folk painting, tion pen to add another layer paints are used explore the concept of of decorative in covered paldecorative art, and develop design to the ettes that allow and refine painting and painted areas. for easy use and Students color variety. overpainting skills. complete a Fluorescent paint rubric outlining the summative colors are traditional in this art form, assessment of the work. I like stubut students can make their own dents to reflect on their work and creative decisions about color. Dis- Madalyn, grade seven. student learning about this part of the world. Jane Copp is an art teacher who lives in North Hampton, New Hampshire. NAtioNAl StANdArd Students identify specific works of art as belonging to particular cultures, times, and places. Web liNk amate-paper.html 31

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