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MAR 2013

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Companies That Care These companies are taking steps to make art education a #1 priority. Blick Art Materials The Art Room Aid program springs from a desire to help art educators fund their programs and projects at a time when school budgets are being cut and art programs cancelled. An online marketplace that offers access to an enormous assortment of art materials, Art Room Aid also taps into Blick's customer base, allowing shoppers an opportunity to support a local art program or project as they are making their own purchases. Visit today to create a profile and a project. We're inspired by art educators, and our customers are, too. Shells for NJ Shores Shells for NJ Shores is an art project for teachers, students, and artists everywhere! Create small seashellthemed works of art and sell them to raise money for those who need assistance recovering and rebuilding in New Jersey after the devastating affects of Hurricane Sandy. After you make your donation, fill out and submit the form on the "Track Our Collaborative Donations" page so we can see how our collaborative donations and our students' "heart works" are helping others. schoolarts SchoolArts Magazine Whirled Peace tion art educa First in November since 1901 2012 $4.95 tion vatio Motiva The Evol ution of In Pinwheel s for Peac e da g or an te s FocuS ization up Join us ever Ann Ayers and Ellen McMilla T y year on Septemb er 21, Internatio nal Day of Peace he idea was simple: Take square pieces website, create pinwhe of paper and pinwheelsfo The reactio els of all and sizes. shapes n was incredi As part ation process returned but it has ble! When of home, there also become , write though the crewar and of e-mails bullying were hundre we ts about peace, toleran and anti-vio part of antiwaiting ds for us from in harmon ested particip ce, lence campai The project y with others and living interants. The gns. has led to On the other of the art of 10 Days enthusiasm on one side. the creatio education of Peace etc. to visuall side, draw, paint, commu as amazin (10daysofpeace n com) at nity was our school. collage, g as it was y express . Assemble teachers Beginn ing contagious! tember 11, joined the these pinwhe your feelings. on Sepwe create project and Art International spread the day experie powerf ul els and on then word to multinces and others and 21st, "plant" Day of Peace, Septem ect grew an impetu activities by leaps the projwith s and movem the pinwhe ber and bounds at public in our school It's amazin els outside ent for peace places as . g how in and in a statem art installa a simple Each of just five ent and idea has the 10 Days our commu nity. tion. The years grown into pinwheels spinnin nationa l of Peace differen g of the an interproject that t focus brings a in the wind thoughts particip has million anti-bu llying on anti-violence will spread ants. and s of and to our studen throug hout feelings about more than On September is the start peace 21, 2009, t body and three million the countr of a yearlon even the were spinnin caring and y and maybe g pinwheels world! compassion. campaign for seven countr g in more than seem more In 2005, thirtywe present considerate Our students ies shops at ed three better unders Throug hout around the world. and have the Nation worka tanding the years, al Art Association wonderful feelings. of one anothe we've heard After the stories of convention, Education r's each of the 10 Days has done what the we celebra of Peace, for project presentations,and before te our diversi minutes has united art advocacy and when we took five to give how it join million ty and dreams students, of our Pinwhe a brief explan munities. schools, around the s of others ation and comThe Pinwhe world to and introdu els for Peace project project has wheels for plant our els for Peace ced our Pinbecome Peace. audience the first event of Please join big school to the the year us yearly in many has not 21, Interna schools. only been tional Day on September It a peace make a movement, visual public of Peace, as we peace with statement Pinwheels about for Peace. 46 n SchoolArts strives to provide essential support to art educators around the world. That's why each month, along with a team of sponsors, we feature an organization that works to heighten awareness surrounding issues that affect the art education community. This includes organizations such as the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI), Youth Art Month (YAM), the National Art Education Association (NAEA), VSA Arts, the Empty Bowls Project, Pinwheels for Peace, and the Memory Project. • • (800) 533-2847 August/Se ptember 2010 SchoolAr ts 45

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