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MAR 2013

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is usually thought of as doodling, but I ask them to think compositionally as they develop their ideas. We don't think of this work as a "finished piece," but look at the visual opportunities students have to create an exhibition of worthy work while allowing their minds to wander. the box and attempt thumbnails that are portfolio or exhibition worthy. Create and Rethink The process of creating can be very rewarding for a student, but the pressure can also lead to artist's block. It is critical to student success that all the weight of Once your students engage in the work not be Plan a holistic process of art-making put on one final piece. As my Thumbnails are and see the fruition of each students work also a lost art step, they will become more through the form. If you look apt to come "full circle" as "explore" and at the great pre"plan" phase of paratory drawartists and thinkers. a work of art, ings of Leonardo they are building confidence in their da Vinci, you can easily see how they could be framed and displayed as beau- masterworks. However, as artists, we all know that sometimes what is in tiful art. As your students approach our mind and what comes out on the thumbnail sketches, consider giving paper can dramatically differ. some artistic guidelines as well as I consider a masterwork or "fina larger piece of paper on which to ished piece" a point of departure for sketch the ideas. Sketchbooks are another work. Once your students great, but I would encourage you to have completed the masterworks for allow your students to work outside of the unit, ask them to photograph them and revisit or "rework" the idea completely and explore what else could develop. Once your students engage in a holistic process of art-making and see the fruition of each step, they will become more apt to come "full circle" as artists and thinkers. Nicole Brisco is an art teacher at Pleasant Grove High School in Texarkana, Texas. NAtioNAl StANdArd Students will create multiple solutions to specific visual arts problems that demonstrate competence in producing effective relationships between structural choices and artistic functions. Web liNK aspx?PageID =141 37

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