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MAR 2013

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High School Studio Lesson The Lost Critter Project Ian Sands A s art teachers, we always want to show off our students' work. We display their art in our school halls and enter pieces into art contests, hoping they'll be selected. It's ridiculous to think we would hide their work under a bench, leave it out in the rain, or lose it entirely. Unless of course, that work of art was part of the Lost Critter Project. Creating Critters To create the 500 critters, I enlisted an army of art students. Since it was summer, the high-school students invited their middle school and elementary aged siblings to participate, too. We spent two weeks working on this project. To create the critters, we purchased sheets of installation foam board from the local hardware store. The artroom The art would be left on looked like a factory assembly line with Birth of the Lost benches, curbs, on top students painting, Critter Project of newspaper boxes, on cutting, gluing, and A few summers ago, brick walls, and even tied labeling. There were my students and I to poles and street signs. plenty of jobs to go developed an idea to around. create 500 critters We created a different type of critout of foam board and hide them in ter for each business. There was a our hometown of Apex, North Carodonkey, a yeti, a cow, a mouse, lina. The art would be left on benches, a moose, a squid, an elephant, a curbs, on top of newspaper boxes, on frog, a cat, and a raccoon. brick walls, and even tied to poles and street signs. The goal wasn't just to Critters Everywhere! hide the critters, but for them to be On our scheduled start date, sevfound and returned to a home. eral students met in downtown I contacted the Apex Chamber of Apex with large bags full Commerce with a proposal. Particiof critters. We set the pating businesses would be assigned critters loose and a custom lost-and-found box to be the town went displayed inside their establishments. crazy. People Fifty foam board critters would be were walkcreated for each business. Each critter ing up and would hold a sign that read: "Help! down the I'm Lost! Thank goodness you found me! Please take me back to: [name of business]. I miss my brothers and sisters!" Ten businesses decided to participate. 32 March 2013 SchoolArts

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