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MAR 2013

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stamps, paint scrapers, paper confetti, tissue-paper scraps, streamers, and glitter. At the end of class, we pinned both sides of the suit to a hallway bulletin board and discussed the differences in how the teams chose to use the materials provided to embellish their side of the suit. I sewed the sides of the suit back together before the next class when students attached their individual sound-makers. Making Masks For the final part of the project, students made individual plaster masks to wear with the suits. During the first of the four mask-making sessions, each student used a plastic mask form and plaster strips to build the basic form; during the second class they used cardboard to add dimension and additional details to personalize the mask. The added cardboard was covered with plaster so it could be painted to match the rest of the mask. Subsequent mask sessions included painting and embellishing. Once the suits and masks were finished, we had students pose for pictures, each wearing the suit from their class along with their individual masks. Putting It All Together We concluded the project, as Nick Cave completed his residency at UNT, with the performance, titled Heard (a play on the words herd and heard) on the lawn in front of the art building. This performance piece featured gigantic dancing horses, and involved 800 students, faculty, and other volunteers from the dance, music, and art departments at UNT. Later, we watched the performance online for the benefit of the students who were unable to attend in person. Denise Clyne Ruch is an art teacher at Nelson Elementary School in Denton, Texas. national Standard Students select and use subject matter, symbols, and ideas to communicate meaning. Web link nick-cave-turns-students-intoanimals_n_1391449.html

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