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Inman Primary School's StarryNightsoverChautauquamural. Not only would my students ascertain theartisticqualitiesofthisproject, they would discover the environmental benefits. I explained that plastic bottle caps are often made from a different plastic than the bottles they are attached to. These various types of plastic have to be recycled separately since the plastics melt unevenly. As the bottle caps started pouring in, students volunteered to sort them by color. This was helpful when it was time to put the murals together. Before we knew it, we had tubs filled to the brim with plastic bottle caps. Making Designs Meaningful Students were a big part of the design of both murals. Washington Intermediate, which houses fourth and fifth grade, had no trouble coming up with Washington Primary School's tiger mascot mural. ite skyline from Vincent van Gogh's a design. They chose our school masStarry Night. We titled this mural cot,atiger.InmanPrimary,however, Starry Nights over Chautauqua. which has kindergarten through third grade, was more challenging. They had The Construction Process ideasrangingfromHelloKittytothe To construct the murals I purchased IowaHawkeyessymbol.Wedecided ¼" (0.6 cm) thick sheets of plywood to use a combination of ideas that told that measured 4 x 8' (1 x 2 m) for a story about our small midwestern both buildings. community of Red Oak, Iowa. Not only would my students I sketched the designs onto each Students chose ascertain the artistic board and gave to include the qualities of this project, students a very town water tower, they would discover the thin, wateredwhich is painted environmental benefits. down coat of orange—one of acrylic paint so our school colors. they could indicate where the various Our community also has a Chautaucolored caps belonged. quaPavilion.Builtin1907,itisthe Priortoturningstudentsloose largest covered pavilion west of the with hot glue guns, we had intensive Mississippi river. Our mural wouldn't be complete without students' favorContinued on page 39. 21

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