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Materials and Preparation • Concentrated powdered dyes (such as fiber reactive dyes— use 1–2 teaspoons per cup of seaweed paste). In a small plastic container with a lid, mix the dye with a small amount of water to dissolve it and then mix in 1 cup of dye paste. • Seaweed paste (sodium alginate). Pour one quart of water into a blender. While it is on mix, slowly pour in 2–3 tablespoons of sodium alginate powder. When mixed, pour it into a plastic container with a lid. Allow to settle overnight. Thin with water if it seems too thick to stir easily. • heavy cotton paper • silkscreen frames prepared with silkscreen fabric and sealed with duct tape • plastic squeegees • 1" (2.5 cm) wood strips • brushes • applicators • palettes • table covers • plastic gloves Tyler Stoehr. Lexxii Richers.

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