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High School Studio Lesson The Vanishing Sharon Wall D econstructed silkscreen is based on the idea that a silkscreen design changes and gradually disappears with each print that is made. In my artroom, students use a seaweedbased paste as the medium for both the painted portion of their silkscreen images and for the printing portion. Their color paste is created by adding dyes to the seaweed paste. Repetitive Printing Since these materials are organic, they only have a shelf life of about one week unless refrigerated. Students typically create their designs ahead of time and then paint and print their various images over a period of a week. Before students paint their designs on the silkscreen, the frames of the screens are placed on 1" (2.5 cm) high wood strips to elevate the screen and prevent the paste from smearing. Students place their sketches under the elevated silkscreen frames to use as guides while working. These wooden risers are also used as drying racks. Tyler Stoehr. 17

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