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Fold tracing paper in half. Draw half of the design on the tracing paper. Turn folded tracing paper over and trace the design onto the other side. Turn the tracing paper drawing over and scribble on all the lines using a soft lead pencil. Apply Teacher's Palette Coal Black (TP-1) on the lines using an Underglaze Applicator. Let lines dry completely. Paint over the lines using Teacher's Palette Light Glazes. Glaze fire to Cone 05. Tape your drawing to the bisque tile with the scribble side down. Draw on the lines to transfer your design. Steps TPL-27 Zircon TPL-34 Jasper TPL-44 Peridot TPL-05 Quartz TPL-03 Onyx TPL-23 Aquamarine TPL-45 Emerald TPL-55 Tanzanite TPL-59 Ruby TPL-63 Citrine TPL-66 Fire Opal TPL-28 Sapphire L I G H T

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