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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 45 inside. Then they quickly used the edge of a ruler to spread the paint further. Finally, students opened their papers to see what they created. "Wow" factor time! Discussing and Drawing Students shared their images with the class, looked for secondary colors where the primary colors overlapped, and began thinking about what their images could become with imagina - tion. We also discussed symmetry and how one side should be the oppo - site of the other. At this point, we set the papers aside to dry in preparation for drawing in the next class. If time allows, you can read a book about color or show a short video clip. OK Go has a great and engag - ing music video, Primary Colours (see Web Links). When students returned to class, they added to their pictures by drawing with crayons or oil pastels. Since the paint was now dry, they could also draw over it. Before beginning this lesson, experiment with the tempera paint you have; some brands are better than others for producing vibrant col - ors. Manila paper works better than white drawing paper for this process, as it is more absorbent. Rubbing the folded papers with a ruler is less likely to tear the paper than just rub - bing with the hands. Every child can be successful with this lesson and it remains one of my favorites. Nancy Walkup is the editor-in-chief of SchoolArts and a longtime elementary art teacher. nwalkup @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K S OK Go, Primary Colours: Primary Colours (Lego Version): Top: Antonio. Middle: Andre. Bottom: Gwyneth.

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