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Caption The drawing is next filled in with a marker to create a black-and- white image. What is black will be 3D-printed as a positive form, and what is white will be negative space. Everything has to be connected for their first print. Getting Technical We use iPads, a 3D modeling and design app, and free 3D modeling software for our projects. Explore the various apps and programs avail - able—many have tutorials for differ- ent features. I use a 2D-to-3D feature for turning drawings into 3D relief prints with our 3D modeling app. Students use iPads to take a photo of their drawings which are cleaned up in the app using the erase tool. They can also experi - ment with the pencil tool, straight line tool, circle tool, rectangle tool, line adjuster tool, letter tool, mir - ror tool, and more. Once students are satisfied with their images, they can press the 3D button. I require them to make three ver - sions of their their images and then pick the one they want to print. The 3D print is saved as an STL file and it is airdropped to my iPad. I use a 3D-printing program to resize the file and send it to the printer where it will automatically print the files. I print maybe six prints at a time, which usually takes about twelve hours. We use white filament to print with so students can add color with markers if they wish. Annemarie Baldauf is an art teacher at Riv- erview Middle School in Bay Point, Califor- nia. annemariebaldauf@ Vocabulary Extruder: extrudes filament to draw out the la ers o our 3D prints. The "hot glue gun" of our 3D printer. Filament: material used to build 3D-printed parts. PLA: pol lactic acid, a common t pe of filament. Purge Line: a straight line drawn across the front of the build plate at the start of ever rint. Learning to use a 3D printer is no different than learning how to use a camera, a sewing machine, or an new technolog r tool. N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Producing: Select, analyze, and inter- pret artistic work for presentation. W E B L I N K Baldauf Blog Media Art: baldaufblog- 3d-printed-drawings.html A student makes a 3D file to send to the printer with the Morphi iPad app. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 43

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