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GETTING STARTED WITH 3D PRINTING Annemarie Baldauf L earning to use a 3D printer is no different than learning how to use a camera, a sewing machine, or any new technology or tool. Once the technology is mastered, you and your students are ready to go. Caption A L L L E V E L S I've been 3D-printing with mid- dle-school students for three years, and in that time, 3D printers have become easier to use, and companies who sell them are including support packages for teachers with classes and lesson plans. Although a 3D printer can be expensive, if you take care of it and learn how to maintain it, it will be a great addition to your tools in the artroom. I teach a yearlong digital art class and start the semester with a 3D relief-printing project. Starting with a relief breaks the learning curve into manageable chunks and is chal - lenging but not too difficult. Getting Started Students start with a sketch, which gets them thinking about what they want to draw and 3D-print. A drawing (right) and three inspired 3D prints. 42 SEPTEMBER 2019 SchoolArts

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