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be. Students chose boxes from those I provided, then sketched their box from several angles and included symbols and items to decorate their box. I encouraged them to bring inexpensive items from home that carried personal meaning, but I made many items available in my room, including: • magazines • access to a printer • colored construction paper, fabric scraps, and tissue paper • acrylic paint and pens • embellishments such as beads, shells, ribbons, feathers, etc. Peer Review When sketches were complete, stu- dents sought two opinions about their ideas from peers before work - ing on the boxes. They were also expected to get my initials on their sketch as final approval. If I saw anything that might be unrealistic or inappropriate, I could address it and offer some alternative suggestions before students dove into supplies. Embellishing Boxes As students worked, I went around the room and asked about their symbols, offering feedback. We found out that it's important to have several gluing options: White school glue was not always the best choice, so I had glue sticks, spray adhesive, tape, and hot glue available. When the boxes seemed to be about halfway done, students shared their work with two of their peers to get additional feedback. This helped some students to refocus and share tips before finishing their work. Students designed the outside of a box to represent how the re perceived b others, and the inside to represent how the now themselves to be. As you can see, the work was highly personal and individualized. By tying outcomes to students' expe- riences, points of view, and personali- ties, diversity is assured. Eric Gibbons is an art teacher at Vernon Malone College & Career Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. lovsart@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experience to make art. W E B L I N K Art Ed Guru: The inside of this box was embellished with a variety of magazine clippings and personal mes- sages. The outside of the box (above) shows an embellished road less traveled. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 39

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