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Don't Judge a BOX b ts Cover Eric Gibbons F or this lesson, students designed the outside of a box to represent how they are perceived by others, and the inside to represent how they know themselves to be. They were encouraged to work symboli- cally and to incorporate found objects and small items from home to embel- lish their work. Beginning with Writing We begin every art exploration with some writing. In this case, it was the creation of two lists—one describ- ing how others perceive us (includ- The outside of the box shows a student looking to the stars. ing potential prejudices), and the other a list of things we know to be true about ourselves; the latter being things maybe only best friends and family know, or even secrets. To pre- serve personal privacy, I told students they could write in code so even I might not know what their symbols meant, but they should be honest with themselves in their lists so their work would have personal depth. Sketching Ideas When the lists were complete, I shared what our exploration would The inside of this box was embellished with photographs and found objects. H I G H S C H O O L 38 SEPTEMBER 2019 SchoolArts

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