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shot, torso shot, and foot shot, and all three photos needed to be pho - tographed from the same distance. Another important point was for stu - dents to understand that they needed to change the height they were shooting at for the torso and feet by kneeling to take the photos. Students were then given the assignment of shooting four triptychs that varied by model, clothing, pose, and expression for a total of twelve photos. Photo Editing Before the photos were due, students had already learned how to edit in Photoshop Elements using adjust - ment layers. The goal for our intro- ductory editing is to have students improve their photos by adjusting brightness, contrast, color balance, and color saturation to create an aesthetically pleasing photograph. Students edited my example photos for practice. On the day their triptych photos were due, students uploaded them and spent the next few days editing them. I also introduced selective color as a possible effect for students to try. Many students appreciated the look and considered using the effect in their final triptych. Building the Triptych With the editing of individual photos completed, I demonstrated how to build the actual triptych. Students followed along step-by-step, creating their document to a specific size and then dropping guides to help align their photos. Next, I showed students how to drag their triptych photos on their project using Adobe Photoshop Elements' Photo Bin. Sizing and posi- tioning photos was also demonstrated before students proceeded to build their triptychs. Students realized the important contributions that clothing, props, pose, and facial expression pla n portrait photograph . Ryan Nagle. 32 SEPTEMBER 2019 SchoolArts

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