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I 'm always on the lookout for a great introductory lesson my ninth-grade media arts students will be excited about. That's why I was excited when I came across street artist Adde Adesokan while doing an internet search. Adeso - kan resides in Germany but travels throughout Europe creating unique, expressive, and sometimes amus - ing portraits of strangers in a verti- cal triptych format. I realized that students could do their own take on Adesokan's triptychs using photos of friends and family members. Addressing Objectives This type of lesson introduces stu- dents to many preliminary objec- tives for my media arts class. First, it introduces them to working with models and props. Second, they learn basic editing using adjustment layers in Photoshop Elements. And finally, they learn to build a Photoshop document using multiple image lay - ers. With many of these objectives addressed, I was excited to give the lesson a try. The Photo Shoot After reviewing camera and camera phone basics, I shared examples of Adesokan's Triptychs of Strang - ers series. Students appreciated the photographer's unique take on a photographic triptych, and a discussion of street photography and portrait photography ensued. After viewing Adesokan's work, students realized the impor - tant contributions that clothing, props, pose, and facial expression play in helping to define the indi - vidual in portrait photography. Next, I demonstrated how to make a triptych using a student as a model. Each triptych needed a head Michael Sacco PORTRAIT TRIPTYCHS Scarlett Jackett. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 31 M I D D L E S C H O O L

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