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24 SEPTEMBER 2019 SchoolArts to hit. They also considered how the sculptures themselves would change the location they inhabited. Students observed that the light shining on the sculptures was sure to cast a shadow onto the floor and walls; something they had seen many times with other artwork hung in these spots. They began to get creative with the way they strung their folded pieces together, considering how a silhouette of their shapes would look as opposed to the 3D piece it actually was. Reflections When the sculptures were complete and displayed in the hallway, I was pleased to see how these young stu - dents took to what I considered to be an advanced approach to art-making. Students were eager to alter the aes - thetic of their simple paper pieces and ensured that the changes to their sculptures were welcomed and intentional. I was so pleased I hadn't shied away from a complex idea with the younger group and had fresh eyes when con - sidering what a sixth-grader is capable of compared to high schoolers. The change I experienced going from one age group to the next was unexpected, yet starting off the year with this les - son made me less overwhelmed. I was excited to find out what other ways they were sure to surprise me. Kari Giordano is an art teacher at Mount Everett Regional School in Sheffield, Mas- sachusetts. kgiordano @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Generate and conceptualize new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K Teaching Art and Design blog post: paper-into-sculpture Students enjo ed the idea of turning something simple into a complex and intriguing shape. Shadows are casted on this intricate paper sculpture.

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