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When I first starting teaching, I immediately signed up for subscrip- tions to SchoolArts and Art & Activities. I wanted all the help I could get. When I first started publishing articles, I wrote for both magazines. When I became a contributing editor to SchoolArts, I no longer wrote for Art & Activities, but I have always had a cordial and professional relationship with their editor, Maryellen Bridge, and was happy to see her regularly at national conferences. We were saddened to learn of the decision to cease publication of Arts & Activities since we are all in the business of promoting meaningful art education. To fulfill Art & Activities subscriptions, SchoolArts is providing a yearlong subscription to our magazine and we wel - come submissions from Art & Activities authors. Maryellen, we wish you well. —Nancy Walkup, Editor-in-Chief, SchoolArts magazine Arts & Activities: A Farewell Tribute Dear Readers, On May 13, 2019, the shareholders and directors of the publishing firm that owns Art & Activities voted to cease publication of the magazine. Consequently, my position as publisher and editor was eliminated and I was let go. Because this devastating event occurred with no warn - ing, I was not able to formally convey my appreciation to the readers and writers of Art & Activities . Many thanks to Nancy Walkup and SchoolArts magazine for providing me this opportunity. Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude to the readers of Art & Activities , and to those who have shared their professional experiences on its pages. Few people can say that they achieved their "dream job," but I did. What made it so was knowing that the maga- zine was doing good in the world: promoting art education, provid- ing a way for teachers to learn from each other by exchanging lesson plans and ideas, and so much more. It has been an honor to work with thousands of outstanding art educators over my 36 years with the magazine and I will always be grateful for the friendships that were built along the way. I hope we will meet again in the art education world, but in the meantime, thank you for the joy all of you have brought into my life. Maryellen Bridge Editor and Publisher of Arts & Activities magazine 8 SEPTEMBER 2019 SchoolArts

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