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Juilanna Barca. Next page, Top: Aaron Feltman. Bottom: Ekaterina Koulakova. change during the process, and each student has their own strengths and personalities. My students are given latitude when it comes to subject matter and personal inter- ests, but sometimes they get stuck, particularly when it comes to the Breadth section. (The uninitiated sometimes think it's the breath section; that makes me chuckle.) It requires twelve images that demonstrate an understanding of 2D design issues. For many of my stu- dents, that's too broad a spectrum, especially when added to all their previous projects. "What do I do now," or "I did that already" are words with which I'm all too familiar. The first thing I have to do is remind students that, just because they experimented with a particu- lar technique, style, or content in the past, doesn't mean they've experienced all that they can do with these elements. And yes, I also utilize the all-time classic: "Practice will only make you bet- ter." Sorry, it can't be avoided. Playing with Finger Painting I often solve the "What do I do now?" conundrum by going back to a child - hood favorite—finger painting. "Here you go!" I provide various types of paint and paper, telling them to have at it. I usually have to remind them that there is indeed a sink in my room amidst the technology; they're welcome to avail themselves of it. Students at this age are often tentative at first, more worried about making a mess than abandoning themselves to sheer exploration. H I G H S C H O O L T here's an AP for digital art stu- dents?" is a question I often have to field. Most people I encounter outside of the art world are stunned that there are AP level courses for art. There isn't an AP specifically for digital art, but students working electronically can submit to the AP Studio Art: 2D Design exam. This will be my twelfth year work- ing with a new elite group of brave, adventurous, and talented students. Despite my years of experience, I ADVANCED PLAY Kasmira Mohanty How can we incorporate the act of painting into a digital artwork? AP– always have a bit of anxiety about whether I'll be able to provide the best possible guidance and practical advice to empower my students. Most of them have already spent two to three years with me before taking on the daunting task of completing the AP. It is not for the faint of heart, but there is some wonderful magic that hap- pens during that year. It's often a challenge to come up with a direct game plan for each stu- dent since, as we all know, things

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