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L O O K I N G & L E A R N I N G SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 23 C H A R L E S C L O U G H CO N T E M P O R A R Y PA I N T E R L O O K I N G & L E A R N I N G Collaborative Clufffalo C harles Clough is a contemporary painter who is fascinated with process and collaboration. He abandoned narrative painting in the 1970s in favor of an emphasis on the artistic process and began working in painterly, gestural abstraction. The vibrant colors and energetic brushwork of his paintings do not show the careful consideration that goes into the works beforehand, when he examines his intentions and proce - dures. Over time, he began to develop an interest in col- laboration and adapted his abstract, expressive process to include others. Collaborative Workshop In 2014, Clough started a community component to his art by opening the Clufffalo Painting Workshop (a combi- nation of his last name and the city of Buffalo) in a studio s pace at the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, New York, inviting the public to join him in the painting process. Clufffalo collaborative paintings are made in conjunc - tion with seasons and spaces. Anyone is invited to par- ticipate, from toddlers to adults, limited to six at a time. P articipants are offered materials and the use of unusual Clough-made painting tools. Participants also may paint a work to take home, and projects are documented in pho - tographs and video. A History of Process Art In the late 1960s, many artists rebelled against the stric- tures of Minimalism in a variety of ways, forming a genre n ow called Process art. The emphasis is on the process with materials rather than on the concept of the work. Many Process artists allow materials to take their own course once put in place. Although Clough generally follows the aesthetic of Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock (1912– 1956), he feels his work is also rooted in Chinese brushwork of the 900s, J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851), Impressionism, Fauvism, and Surrealism. About the Artist Clough was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn (1970–1971), Ontario College of Art in Toronto (1971–1972), and Buffalo Center for Media Studies (1973–1974). He became aware of artists' cooperatives that offered exhibition space for emerging artists, such as A-Space in Toronto and Artists Space in New York. In 1974, as part of a group of artists including Robert Longo (b. 1953) and Cindy Sherman (b. 1954), he co-founded the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo with the intention of showing the work of up-and-coming contemporary artists (www.hallwalls. org/history.php). He has also worked in wood carving and photography, and has produced an autobiographical book of images, Pepfog Clufff (2007). Top: Charles Clough, 2018. Bottom: Charles Clough, Clufffalo 061, 2016. Latex on expanded PVC, 16 x 20" (40.5 x 51 cm). Part of the Clufffalo: Numbers series. Supported by a 2016 fellowship from the John Guggenheim Foundation. © Charles Clough.

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