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20 SUMMER 2019 SchoolArts Ashlynn, grade three. C ommon ideas with a fresh twist are always fun for stu - dents and teachers alike. One of our curriculum points is to create an artwork using wet-on- wet painting. While this is fun and interesting to do, I wanted to make it even more so. We began this les - son by learning about creating resist paintings. Drawing with Oil Pastels Using oil pastels, students created a living creature, either real or imag- E L E M E N T A R Y Melanie Robinson PLAYING AROUND WITH PAPER ined, on their papers. I encouraged them to use inventive textures to create interest in these beings and to manipulate the oil pastels in a variety of ways. Few of my third-graders were experienced with using this medium, although they had previously been introduced to it. Students were excited to have the opportunity to play and explore the different things oil pastels can do. As students completed this exer- cise, I handed out white tissue paper. I asked them to crumple it up and to open it back up and smooth it out. This was perplexing to them. Finally, it was time to paint using the wet-on- wet technique. Working with Wet Paper I instructed students to head over to the sink and to get their papers (with the oil pastel drawings) wet. To reassure students that getting the paper wet would not ruin their drawings, I demonstrated with one of my own. Once students' papers were wet, they placed their now

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