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"I organize glaze, paint, #ModPodge, and even gesso in clearl abeled (new or rec - cled) condiment containers for student use. It keeps colors organized and reduces waste. #SchoolArts." — Melod Weintraub, Memphis, TN "Maxwell House coffee containers are absolutel erfect for holding water for painting with students. It's like the ere made for it. Plus their coffee is good, s ou don't have to suffer fo our art." — Mrs. S lvestre HACKS ART "I teach art on a cart and struggle to find 3D materials that I can easil ransport. I alread use egg cartons to disperse paint, so I had a bunch. The orked perfectl s an interior structure fo daptive art students' papier-mâché sarcophaguses." — Kerri Marshall, Cumberland, RI This month, SchoolArts asked our Instagram and Twitter followers to share their #ArtHack for making artrooms eco-friendlier. Here's what they said: TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MAKING ARTROOM LIFE EASIER Follow our social media channels for a chance to hav our response featured! "Block reduction printing in progress. I used old lunch tr s to create registration boards. The student also cut the center of the pans out to add a third color to his prints. #ArtHack #PRIDEinthePaw" — @MWCSDmsart, Rushville, NY SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 15

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