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Request a FREE Spring Scholastic Flyer! ® 800•447•8192 BLICK ® Alliance for Young & Writers Artists 50% Stock up and save up to ® BLICK Check out our Welcome to my Hive lesson plan and hundreds more at! DickBlick . com 800 . 447 . 8192 spring 2019 FREE SHIPPING on orders of $49 or more. See page 47 for details. CHECK OUT NEW lesson plans and video workshops at For students of all ages! A very painterly approach to decorating pottery is to use a liquid clay body known as slip. In ancient cultures, slip painting was the primary technique used for decoration and was limited to a color spectrum of red, cream, and black. If ancient potters were working in today's selfie culture, they might come up with a project like this one. "Paint" with clay and create a modern selfie-style portrait with the look of ancient pottery. Posterized Clay Portraits Lesson Plan for Grades 5–12 Blick Studio Tracing Paper Pad Item #10609 Activa Plus Clay Item #33275 Future orders are the best way to get what you need, when you need it! FUTURE ORDERS

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