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Caption order for the signal to work. Once it was complete, the whole class followed it down the hall to the office to show it off. Instructional Manual and Infomercial Once the prototypes were complete, I instructed students to take photos of their robot for a trifold instruc- tion manual that they would design M I D D L E S C H O O L A s art teachers, sometimes it doesn't take much to inspire us. In my case, it took our school's tech team leaving behind my classroom's dismantled wireless router in a trash bin. After digging it out, I marveled at the interesting and colorful components, and I knew my students would love to get their creative hands and imaginative minds on these wires and switches. Melody Weintraub DISMANTLED ROBOTS Fenton Williams and Zack Makris, RIKI, grade seven. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 15 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17. and print out. They researched the language of other product instruc- tion manuals online to make it more authentic. Some students chose to offer the instructions in more than one language. After taking photos and making the instruction manual, students designed an infomercial for their robot prototypes using video-editing software. This audio-visual compo- nent, in addition to the written man- ual, provided two useful technology components to the lesson. Presentation Finally, students were ready to present these amazing inventions to their peers. The presentation included the robot, the instruction manua l, and the infomercial. For this phase of the lesson, I invited administrators in to see the products and to witness the learning. After - wards, these robot prototypes were exhibited in the art display case in the school lobby for all to see. As we educate these future dream- ers, thinkers, and doers, we need to be open to new ideas and dream up new ways to get them to think, plan, and make. Sometimes our inspira - tion might be found in an article by a colleague or after attending a workshop, but sometimes, it might be found in our classroom trash. Melody Weintraub teaches art at Briar- crest Christian School in Eads, Tennes- see. She is currently president-elect of the Tennessee Art Education Association. myweintraub @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work. W E B L I N K arts Share the journe f teachers who were inspired b ducators from Reggio Emilia, Ital , and their ap- proach to earl hildhood education. Learn what is observed and recorded as the ocus on the children's process rather than product. You will discover ideas and suggestions for building upon children's thinking as well as approaches to nurturing their innate creativit ha ou can adapt to an teaching situation. Grades PreK–5. Softcover. $34.95 Coming Spring 2019! • RE-RELEASE OF AN OLD FAVORITE! SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 45

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