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A ny time I think of a new lesson idea, I try to add a twist—a surprise element of some sort to get my young artists' attention. For that purpose, I knew I wanted to introduce my fifth- graders to Keith Haring. Haring has always been a hit with young artists. Students instantly embrace the bark - ing dog, flying superhero, dancing figures, and classic three-eyed face. I had videos ready to reel them in and the stories of how Haring started drawing as a baby while sitting on his father's lap and his t-shirt-selling days as he traveled to New York. But how was I going to get them excited about drawing a variety of lines, shapes, patterns, and Haring char - acters? I didn't want my students to E L E M E N T A R Y HARING-INSPIRED Michelle Melendez create their Haring-inspired draw- ings on construction paper or card- board. And then it hit me…audio c assette tapes! Recycling an Obsolete Technology Keith Haring's success came during the 80s. What was also popular in the 80s? Audio cassette tapes! Why not bring the two together? CASSETTE ART 34 MAY 2019 SchoolArts A cassette design inspired by Haring's Three-E ed Monster, 1990.

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