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28 MAY 2019 SchoolArts sume. It was in that sleepy moment that I thought of the idea for one of my favorite lessons, Love & Consumption. The Hook This is a project I do with my second year tenth- to twelfth-grade art stu- dents. When I introduce the assign- ment, I begin by asking them to take o ut their cell phones or electronic devices and look up the definition of the word "consumption." Telling students to take out their devices is certain to pique their interest. The standard definition I get is "the using up of resources." I write the definition Bailey Valencia, dessert. on the board and then I ask students to look up the word "love." Several respond with, "an intense feeling of deep affection." I write the definition of love on the board and tell them that their next project will be about love and consumption, and I give them an example:

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