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L O O K I N G & L E A R N I N G SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 23 V E R O N I C A F I S H CO M I C B O O K A R T I S T A N D PA I N T E R L O O K I N G & L E A R N I N G Contemporar Classics V eronica Fish is a talented comic book artist whose elegant, sophisticated figures update classic comic book illustrative styles with a more contemporary point of view. For many years, comic books were viewed by many as a low form of art plagued by gender stereotypes and produced for a mostly young male audi- ence. Today, women play a major role in the industry and the many titles produced each month reflect a wide variety of interests, perspectives, and points of view—from super- heroes to political drama to intensely personal stories. Veronica Fish's work reflects this progression. Fish's illustrations are notable in her expert use of color, detailed backgrounds, and graceful figures that perfectly balance realism with cartoon expressionism. Her line work is fluid and clean, and she is able to render complex emo - tions and expressions that perfectly fit the situations her characters find themselves in. Reimagining the Classics Starting in 2016, Fish worked to update and reimagine the classic Archie Comics, followed by to a commission to create promotional art for the television series Riverdale (2017 to present), and she has recently illustrated a new incarnation of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (2019). She has also created a self-published graphic novel, Pirates of Mars (2012), and Frankenstein 1921 (2012–2013), a personal adaptation of Mary Shelley's book. Fish illustrated Marvel Comics' Spider-Gwen (2016) and Spider-Woman (2017), and co-created Blackwood (2018) for Dark Horse com - ics with writer Evan Dorkin and her husband, illustrator Andy Fish. Outside of her work in comics, Fish's original artwork has been displayed in museums and galleries in both Europe and the US, and she maintains a large body of clients for her illustration work. About the Artist Fish has been drawing since her youth and was initially interested in animation. After studying the field, she chose comic art because it is more related to illustration and film, two major influences on her own work. She honed her draw - ing and painting skills with illustration jobs for magazines and other publications before moving on to comics. Comics: Historical Background Once relegated to newspapers in the early 1900s and based on European characters, American comic books exploded onto the scene in the 1930s after the development of photo - mechanical methods of mass-reproducing an artist's origi- nal artwork quickly and cheaply. Superhero comics led to a leap in popularity and production, with companies such as Marvel Comics and DC emerging as the industry lead - ers. Today, there are many comic publishers such as Image, Dark Horse, and Fantagraphics Books. Top: Veronica Fish, Bett eronica #1. © Archie Comics. Bottom: Archie character designs, 2015. © Archie Comics. Images courtesy of the artist.

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