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MAY 2019

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E L E M E N T A R Y I f you're like me, you're always in search of art ideas to inspire cre - ativity within your classroom— ideas that will allow your students to experience something new, proj - ects that can be made within a lim- ited time frame, and all of this within a very limited budget. I teach art to approximately 450 students in grades three to five for only thirty minutes twice a week. I like for my students to experience working with clay at least once a year. Since we don't have a kiln, I usually purchase several col - ors of a modeling compound. I was searching for something new for my fifth-graders to make. I wanted something that could be large, but still only use a small amount of modeling compound (you can also use self-drying clay). I came up with this soda bird project. This new art form has been a hit with students because it allows them to create something dif - ferent and utilizes modeling material (and soda cans) in a creative manner. Inspired by John James Audubon We began by studying John James Audubon and his exploration of North America as he searched for new bird species. He was an artist, historian, and scientist. Today, his artwork sells for millions. We also discussed his method of posing birds to study them for accuracy, and the 435 life-size paintings that took him fourteen years to complete. He is noted as being the most famous bird artist in the world. After our study of Audubon and his fascination with birds, students created their own bird relief sculptures. The Process • Students traced a 2" (5 cm) circle on 5 x 7" (13 x 18 cm) chipboard to SODA Rita Roberts Students learn that the can reuse items in creative wa s and create something worthwhile with minimal supplies. BIRDS Trey Weston, grade five, used a colorful pattern to make his bird clown. 18 MAY 2019 SchoolArts

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