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by gluing with hot glue, wiring or screwing parts together. Students quickly realized the importance of balance when it came to the stability of the machine, as one of the requirements was that the robot had to be freestanding. Tech Support Staff Visit Next, I invited a member of our tech support staff to come and observe students working and to answer any questions students might have about the function of the components they were using. Some students had already real - ized that certain components were magnetic, and incorporated that function into their designs. It was never my goal for these works of art to actually be mechani - cal; however, when one student brought in a radio-controlled vehicle that was no longer being played with at home, I allowed them to extend their project beyond the criteria. They dismantled the body of the car and attached the motor and wheels to the base of their robot. This was not a simple process as they had to adapt it and rewire the antennae in CONTINUED ON PAGE 45. Students' robot prototypes, complete with instruction manuals.

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