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APR 2019

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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 39 munity. That connection is easier to grasp when it is visible. When making work, we prioritize transpar - ency. Viewers can see the bag of tape, witness how we produce the work in real time, contribute to its creation, and help us remove it. Talking to spectators about art and answering questions can take up to fifty percent of our time on any given day. All of this expands the public's sense that they understand art, that art serves a community purpose, and that keeping art in the community is a priority even when funding is tight. W E B L I N K the art being made in real time. More than 500 students partici - pated. Some of the most success- ful community outreach drawings were done at local senior homes. Connecting Art and Community By the end of our time in Canadian, the goal of saturating the town with art was achieved. For the past thirty years, we have striven to use the medium of Tape Art to demystify the art-making process, to make it inclusive, and to strengthen the con - nection between art and the com- The goal of this project was to give ever ingle resident of Canadian the opportunit o either see a Tape Art drawing or directl participate in one's creation. The results of a collaborative school workshop.

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