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20 APRIL 2019 SchoolArts Amy Sherald. Photo by Justin T. Gellerson. A my Sherald is a Baltimore- based artist acclaimed for her striking portraits of contem - porary African Americans. She is known for painting skin tones in gray scale as a way of countering the association of color with race. Writing in the New York Times, Holland Carter explained that Sher - ald "gives all her figures gray-toned skin—a color with ambiguous racial associations—and reduces bodies to geometric forms silhouetted against single-color fields." Portrait of a First Lady The national spotlight turned to Sher- ald when Michelle Obama selected her to paint her official portrait for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The painting was unveiled in February 2018, along with Barack Obama's por - trait painted by Kehinde Wiley, also an African American artist. Sherald is the first African American artist to paint an official first lady portrait. Of the Michelle Obama portrait, art critic Jerry Saltz wrote in Vulture that it depicted her as an "everyday queen Nancy Walkup Left: Am herald, What's different about Alice is that she has the most incisive way of telling the truth, 2017. Oil on canvas, 54 x 43" (137 x 109 cm). Middle: Try on dreams until I find the one that fits me. They all fit me, 2017. Oil on canvas, 54 x 43" (137 x 109 cm). Images courtes f the artist.

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