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H I G H S C H O O L "I decided to mak wn makeshift con- tainers for acr li arn distribution b rill- ing two holes in the side of clear shoebox containers. Yarn can be threaded through the holes using the "folded piece of paper trick for threading needle" tip from Cassie Stephens. It has worked great for me and tudents so far!" — Amanda. O'Shaughness , East Hartford, CT "I love the Dollar Tree! Left the store last night with these perfect containers [center image] for storing broken chalk pastel!" — Emil uda, Ballston Lake, NY HACKS ART "To keep track of certain supplies, I use blocks of floral foam. I order in bulk for sculpture and use the alread ented ones. Wrap them in masking tape, make little "x" cuts with a craft knife, put a dollop of glue on the ends of the caps, shove the pens/markers in cap side down, and let the glue dr . The pens come in and out and the caps st n place. Add numbers and colored masking tape so the re eas o spot an ou can easil eep track. I also assign numbers t tudents." — Angela Anna, Nutle , NJ This month, SchoolArts asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to share their #ArtHack for storing art supplies or repurposing recycled materials. Here's what they said: TIPS AND TRICKS FOR MAKING ARTROOM LIFE EASIER Follow our social media channels for a chance to hav our response featured! "Watercolor Area: Sterilite containers for refills and letter tr s for paint. #verticalstorage #artroomorganization #artroomstorage #artteachersofinstagram" — Heather Matos, NJ SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 13

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