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APR 2019

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Follow me on Visit Co-Editor's Letter A s artists, we try to understand the world we live in, oftentimes interpreting what we see or hear and communicating it in a painting, sculpture, or performance. As art educators, we take these real-life scenarios and turn them into engaging learning experiences by introducing them to students in the best way we can—visually. It 's easy to get overwhelmed from the abundance of imagery we encounter daily via social media, books, magazines, online, and in our own lives. How often do we encourage our students to sit back, take it all in, and in their own way, try to make sense of it? In this issue, we introduce you to a high-school art teacher who taps into the local art community to seek out an artist who paints shadows; to a social studies teacher who encourages her students to communicate their world in their own voices through poetry; to a middle-school art teacher who visits a local art gallery to introduce her students to an artist's work that focuses on dealing with loss, grief, and tragedy; and to an exhibition that introduces the viewer to how students research and share what the idea of home, settlement, and migration to the United States means to them. Although we interpret often in our own practice, put- ting what we do into words can be a bit challenging. I encourage you to share what you are doing inside your classroom. There is always an audience waiting to hear what you are doing with your students, but if you don't put yourself out there, how will they know? Contemporary artist and NAEA's 2018 featured speaker Nick Cave, SchoolArts editor-in-chief Nancy Walkup, and artist and art educator Frank Juarez at the NAEA Convention in Seattle. Frank conducted an interview with Cave for the March 2018 issue of SchoolArts. 8 APRIL 2019 SchoolArts

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