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"Love It" and the other "Needs Some Love." Students could also pose a question to the class about their work if they chose to. I set a timer for two minutes during which students write their comments about the work using tools such as the elements of art and principles of design; they could comment on mood, technique, and content. When the time was up, each student moved to the computer to the right. They continued this pro - cess until they ended up back at their own computer. I found this strategy to be engaging, constructive, and rewarding. I'm left wondering if any of my students' creations might someday find their way into the real world. How much fun would that be! Kasmira Mohanty is an art teacher at Huntington High School in Huntington, New York. kasmiramohanty@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Creating: Generate and conceptualize artistic Ideas and work. W E B L I N K S 41229 H I G H S C H O O L FRANKENSTEIN DESIGN CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23. THE ORIGINAL K iSS-OFF ® Stain Remover Before you throw it away... try Kiss-Off! "I had gotten blue oil paint on one of my fall coats... I felt like I should give Kiss-Off ® a try and lo and behold no more dried on oil paint! My jacket was saved." ~Malissa Removes: Ink · Oil Paint · Grease · Makeup · Blood · Lipstick · Coffee · Red Wine · Grass Stains & More Ideal for Classroom, Travel & Art Studio MADE IN THE USA Advertiser Index Advertiser Page AMACO 18, CIII Bailey 12 Blick Art Materials CIV CAEA 53 Davis Publications CII, 11, 17, 20, 52, 53, 60 Fresh Artists 63 General Pencil 54 Kiss-Off 57 L&L Kilns 2 Mayco 7 NAEA 4 Royal Brush 8 Sakura 61 Skutt 1 Touchstone Crafts 54 University of the Arts 57 University of St. Francis 54 Youth Art Month 15 The SHOP Page Beautiful Stuff 58 Chavant, Inc. 58 Curator's Corner 58 Eastern Virginia Medical School 58 Grafix 59 L&L Kilns 59 The Open Art Room 59 Royalwood 59 SchoolArtsRoom 60 Youth Art Month 60 PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATORS + MEd PROGRAMS REGISTER TODAY! VISIT: UARTS.EDU/ARTSWEEK WAYNE ART CENTER JUNE 24 - 28 UARTS - PHILADELPHIA AUGUST 5 - 9 ArtsWeek FOR K-12 ART EDUCATORS SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 57

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