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MAR 2019

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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 51 Using Our Drama Skills Students in my district no longer have a drama teacher in elementary school. Whenever possible, I try to give stu - dents an opportunity to develop drama skills. For this project, students took turns standing, sitting, kneeling, or leaning on the green screen and using their body language to convince their audience they were flying over the landmark of the United States they cre - ated with stop-motion animation. I have a green screen (12" x 10' piece of green muslin fabric draped over an old freestanding chalkboard) that students took turns on to record their three-second videos. It's a lim - ited space prone to wrinkling, so we discussed how to avoid reaching out past the edges of the green, casting heavy shadows by leaning back, or crumpling the fabric while looking around from your magic carpet perch. I filmed on an iPad mounted on a tri - pod to avoid camera movement, which would detract from the illusion that the student is flying on the carpet. The original videos of students had to be cropped down in a green screen app to delete anything that wasn't green. Putting It All Together I had all the elements collected for students in our artroom digital fold- ers. Students began by downloading their green screen video, magic carpet painting as a PNG file, and group landmark stop-motion animation to their iPad. We used a green screen app to layer all three elements together in order of background to foreground. Students used the Crop tool to fix their foreground and pinched their carpet down to a proportionate size. They clicked the Save button (with video selected) to make a three-sec- ond video that became part of a whole class movie celebrating this magical flight (see Web Link). Now that our site for online digital art portfolios accepts video, students can keep a copy of their media-rich artworks along with their physical ones. Tricia Fuglestad is an art teacher at Dryden Elementary School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. tfuglestad@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: select, analyze, and inter- pret artistic work for presentation. W E B L I N K S carpet-ride Piper, grade three, flies over the Gateway Arch (green screen detail). SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 51

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