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MAR 2019

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M I D D L E S C H O O L B y the time they've reached me, my ninth-grade media arts stu - dents have all taken and stored hundreds of images on their phones, cameras, and other devices. But the reality is that most of them don't do anything with these images apart from sharing them on social media. I am a major proponent of students getting images off their devices and providing creative project opportuni- ties that allow them to use their own photography in design applications. One of our last and most success- ful projects of the year is our t-shirt design project. It is truly the cul- mination of a year's work, and my expectation for students is that they demonstrate much of what we've discussed in class regarding photo editing and manipulation, design, and creativity. Design Discussion I introduce this project by showing previous students' exemplars. My objectives for the project are decep- tively simple: Students must use only their own photography (the photogra- phy can come from previous shooting assignments or images they've shot on their own), they must marry at least one word or more of text to an image or combination of images, and they must use at least one component of Photoshop Elements Effects some- where in their design. The ultimate goal is for them to be as creative as possible and deliver a visually impact- ful t-shirt design. I also emphasize that this project does not have to consist of previously learned straight or realistic editing. I encourage students to push or even break the rules of sharpness, contrast, saturation, and realistic color to con - vey their unique artistic visions and create visual impact. To help reinforce this point, I show and demonstrate the Photoshop Elements Filter and Effects Gallery. A discussion and demonstra - tion of typography in regard to choos- ing expressive fonts is next, along with examples of how type can be integrated as a true design element, as opposed to being tacked on haphazardly. Michael Sacco Brooke Benanti (left) and Natalie Zullo (right) proudly wear their finished t-shirts. DESIGN TO A TEE 48 MARCH 2019 SchoolArts

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