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MAR 2019

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multiple areas in the foreground with the Magic Wand tool by holding down the Shift key, and then filled the areas with jewel-like colors, using the Gradient tool. To create an atmo - spheric effect, they created a new layer b etween the foreground and middle ground, filled it with a gradient, and changed the opacity to 20%. Now the buildings in the background appeared to fade in the distance, while the city in the foreground appeared to pop with eye-catching hues. Rachel Wintemberg, a contributing editor for SchoolArts, teaches digital and media arts at Perth Amboy High School's Com- munications Academy in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. rachelhw1966 @ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: Select, analyze, and inter- pret artistic work for presentation. W E B L I N K Infinite Possibilities The internet is filled with introduc- tory Photoshop lessons, highlighting the power of layers and the magic of the transform tools, but I wanted my students to recognize the connection between creating their own origi- nal art on paper and manipulating it in Photoshop to create something entirely new. With the proper tools, they were able to start with a simple line drawing and end by generating a universe of infinite possibilities. Previous page: Jacob Gonzalez. Below: Katheren Valdez. SCHOOLAR TSMAGAZINE.COM 47

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