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MAR 2019

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42 MARCH 2019 SchoolArts M aximizing art-making time for students is crucial for an art educator, given the limited time we have with students and our long list of expecta - tions. At my school, art teachers are required to include an anticipatory set that fosters reading and writing, not to mention create detailed art lessons, in just 45 minutes a week. The idea of trying to fit read - ing and writing into an already cramped class schedule was daunt - ing, but knowing that including an anticipatory set was beneficial to learning, I acquiesced. I devel - oped a way to streamline my instructional practices to include reading and writing without sacri - ficing precious art-making time. A Streamlined System I constructed a technology-driven system of instructional delivery for my elementary artroom. Class - room routines and structures are encompassed within the system, E L E M E N T A R Y Katherine Mathes NOODLE DOODLE

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