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40 MARCH 2019 SchoolArts M I D D L E S C H O O L W hen selecting projects for students, it's important to know what will connect them to their own visual and material culture. I have learned that what worked for students ten years ago probably won't resonate with students today. So, it's impor - tant to stay informed about what they are tuned into if you want to keep your lessons engaging. However, movies and videos are still an important part of their cul - ture. Now, thanks to the internet and streaming, movies are more accessible right from home. But there's still something entertaining about going to a movie theater to Melody Weintraub PROOFS & SPOOFS see a first-run film on the big screen with family and friends over a big bag of popcorn. Preview Lesson When I first envisioned a Photoshop project for my eighth-grade art stu - dents, I knew I might need an expert as my experience in Photoshop was limited. So, I approached a former art teacher who was now working full- time in the Communications depart - ment to see if he was willing to come in and show them a few basics. Before his visit, I instructed students to collect a variety of digital images they could easily access during his presentation. These could be original images or ones downloaded from the public domain. I instructed students to include a selfie, a cityscape, a country landscape, a body of water, a place of business, and a car. The Sequel My goal for this practice lesson was for students to have enough images to work with to create an ad for a car. After some experimentation, we changed the project to the design of a It's important to know what will connect students to their own visual/material culture.

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