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MAR 2019

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36 MARCH 2019 SchoolArts P hiladelphia is home to a lot of great museums, but a true fan favorite is Pizza Brain, a brick oven pizzeria and the world's first Museum of Pizza Culture. Kids love pizza, so it seemed like a natural fit to have an exhibition of student pizza art at this local institution. When planning this exhibit, we eventually landed on a 2D project (for easy display) and I decided to try collagraphs with my pre-K students. I was hoping for a lot of variation in their finished work and knew coll- agaphs would offer students an easy way to personalize their pieces. We started our project about a month before the art exhibition. Pizza Reading We began our class periods read- ing children's books about pizza (of which there are many), focusing on the different ingredients that go together to make a pizza. As I had hoped, many students made the connection between "parts" of a pizza (dough, cheese, sauce, and top- pings) and "parts" of a collagraph plate that are collaged together. Making Pizza Slices I used a craft knife to cut bases for students' printing plates. Each plate was about 16 x 20" (41 x 51 cm) at the widest point, and would be printed on 18 x 24" (46 x 61 cm) paper. Two students shared each "slice" and spent one class period decorating it. Each day I put out white glue and different "toppings" for students to choose from; it was a great opportunity to use up leftover supplies and recycle materials. Students' imaginations were on fire. Easter basket grass became cheese, wooden chips became pep- peroni, and packing peanuts became mushrooms. The printing plate slices were very sticky, but dried over the weekend. Sealing and Printing Still working in pairs, students next used sponge brushes to apply a Sue Liedke Previous page: Amelie Perazzo, Rainbow Pizza, pre-K. Above: Collagraph pizza works in progress. Top Right: Students' collagraphed pizza exhibit at the Pizza Brain restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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