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MAR 2019

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CONTINUED ON PAGE XX. SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 29 lum learning. With the excitement surrounding STEAM initiatives and the possibility of collaboration with the science and math depart - ment, incorporating fractals into y our art curriculum can also help you discover a whole new world of learning. Fractals in art are an engag - ing way for art, science, and math t o coexist in harmony while your students produce artwork that is extremely unique and inspiring. Kevin Fogelson is a graphic arts teacher at Antioch Upper Grade School in Haines- ville, Illinois. fogelks@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Presenting: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation. W E B L I N K user-friendly and produce a variety of fractal designs. Students used these generators to create fractals to use in their final mandala designs. I also required students to save their images at a high-resolution so the artwork wouldn't become pixelated when printed. Once students designed a plethora of different fractal images, they began placing and blending their fractal images onto a pie-shaped piece on a mandala template I designed in Pho - toshop. Along with the template, stu- dents also followed my step-by-step t utorial and in-class instruction to guide them through the design process. Once students completed the pie in Photoshop, they placed another fractal image in the background that contrasted with the pie-shaped frac - tal in the foreground. I encouraged s tudents to lighten the pie and bring out the color saturation in to make the pie pop out from the background. Challenges As students applied their skills, there were steps in the tutorial they found challenging. As a result, I tweaked my tutorial to provide clearer and more efficient instruction. I added com - plete Photoshop screenshots with the k eyboard shortcuts, demonstrating how to complete the task. I observed many students who struggled to line up the pie pieces so the center of the pie cleanly fit together. To resolve this issue, I had these students dupli - cate the completed pie and shrink d own the pie copy to the middle so the center of the pie looked more aligned. This optional step was added to the tutorial. Reflections Creating artwork with fractals pro- motes many facets of cross-curricu- Fractals are an exciting wa o introduce math and science into the curriculum while captivating students' interests. Derek Lucier, grade seven. Francesca Mathews, grade seven.

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