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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 23 two winners were selected based on the challenge. Their reward was extra points that could be applied to the project. Students who won previous challenges received the participation grade but were omitted from receiving the extra points. This ensured that every student had a chance of win- ning at some point during the year. Moving to the Computers By now, students were chomping at the bit to make design magic. Stu- dents could use Illustrator, Photoshop, a combination of the two, hand- rendered elements, and photographic material. They had carte blanche in choosing how they wanted to proceed and the materials they wanted to use. CONTINUED ON PAGE 57. Previous page: Shaye O'Beirne, Microscopic Denim, grade eleven. Above: Camille Mascato, Taco Radio, grade eleven. They could incorporate as much or as little of their objects in any fash- ion they wanted. I was impressed with how clever and humorous their solutions were and how personally invested they became. Critique To wrap up the project, students partic- ipated in a round-robin critique. This ensures that all students participate fully, especially if they struggle with talking in front of a group. Students placed a JPEG of their finished work into a Word document. Within the document was a two-col - umn table. One column was labeled Gavin Pisarek, Musical Roller, grade ten.

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