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MAR 2019

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Christopher Sweeney Get Started! Schneider's website has directions on how to 3D-print his press, a link to download the files, and other helpful information. He might eventually sell the press in the United States and Europe, but for now he plans to keep it open-source so that anyone can remix, add to, or personalize it. Try printing your own 3D-printed press! Christopher Sweeney is a design teacher at Charter High School for Architecture and Design in Philadelphia. F or those of you who lack the resources to have a fully func- tional printing press in your art a nd design classrooms, I have the answer: The Open Press Project. Martin Schneider, a German concept artist/illustration student, created the 3D-printed press for a class he was taking. As the project evolved, Schneider worked through many iterations until he had a design for an etching printing press that was entirely 3D-printable, aside from a few nuts and bolts found easily at a hardware store. Schneider's mission is "to make printmaking accessible to everyone." Testing the 3D-Printed Press After printing it out, the cost for a 3D-printed printing press is under five dollars and it is easily assembled in a matter of minutes. While Schneider uses his press for intaglio and etching, my focus was on relief printing with the 3D printer and 3D modeling soft- ware I use in my design classes at the Charter High School for Architecture and design in Philadelphia. While my students used 3D modeling software to create radial designs to be used with the presses, I used an image of my son that I had taken with my phone using a fisheye adapter to make a color-separated CMYK print. I cross-pollinated the image into Photoshop, then used a free and open-source vector graphics editor to play around with the dot matrix and make a separate plate for each color. I also printed a few trial black-and-white images. The Open Press Project M A N A G I N G T H E A R T R O O M The cost for a 3D-printed printing press is under five dollars and it is easil assembled in a matter of minutes. Objectives • Design and print a radial design with a 3D printer. • Us our 3D radial design to cre- ate a series of prints on a press. Essential Question How can new digital technologies be used to create visual art? Materials and Resources • Photoshop • 3D modeling software • 3D printer • Filament 16 MARCH 2019 SchoolArts

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