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Caption supported; some had moving stories as to why and how they've contrib- uted to a specific organization. Find- ing charities that matched students' passions fostered ideas for their proj- ects and prompted new discoveries and global connections. The Process Begins Within The Internet is easy to access, but it does not always present the most creative solutions. When collag- ing images, I strongly encouraged students to draw from their own personal photos first. To add to their library of imagery, I offered resources such as books, magazines, newspaper, cardboard, decorative paper, transpar- encies, and more. I'm Not the Most Creative Person in the Room (Nor Do I Want to Be) I'm only one person with my own set of ideas and experiences. It would be a disservice for me to assume that I'm the only one who should offer ideas, input, suggestions, and con - structive criticism to my students. I have a class full of budding artists who have their own unique experi - ences to draw from. For many projects, I hold a critique halfway through the process. For this assignment, however, I thought stu - dents would benefit from receiving feedback in the design phase, so I had students present their initial ideas to each other. As each student presented to the group, ideas bounced around M I D D L E S C H O O L T his year, I challenged my mid- dle-school students with a con- ceptual assignment that I hoped would test their abstract think- ing skills. For the project, Collage for a Cause, students were asked to think beyond themselves by representing a cause they are passionate about. I asked students to visually commu- nicate an idea while considering the color, texture, and implications of the materials they chose through various collage techniques. I encouraged them to use metaphors and simple designs to get the viewer thinking. As with many new assignments, teachers can be surprised with the outcomes and, along with students, CREATING for a Cause Sarah Kitchen Students were asked to think be ond themselves b representing a cause the are passionate about. learn something new. This project was no exception. Here are the four things I learned from this Collage for a Cause assign- ment: Passion Gives Purpose The driving force of this project was to create artworks with a bigger purpose in mind. Students began by brainstorming causes they were pas- sionate about, such as animal rescue, natural disaster relief, mental health, cancer research, equal rights, and the environment. During our group discussion, stu- dents shared the names of organiza- tions that their families regularly My Face My Rules I think that people should be allowed to wear whatever makeup they want on their face without being shamed. What gave me the inspiration to do this was the #MyFace #MyRules campaign that Sleek makeup created. Some struggles that I had were figuring out a way to collide both images together without one standing out more than the other, and I finally achieved that in the end. I decided to use photography and, of course, makeup as my mediums of choice. —Ana Dougherty, grade eight 34 FEBRUARY 2019 SchoolArts

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