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SCHOOLARTSMAGAZINE.COM 29 where she has meals, takes part in activities, and enjoys companionship. The film title refers to an activity that Mary does when alone at home to pass the time: She tears junk mail into tiny pieces. Students watched the film with interest, and with some concern. "Can't she stay there [at the center] overnight?" a student asked, sounding a bit distressed that Mary would be home alone. Reflections After a post-viewing discussion, stu- dents filled out a sheet with questions about their drawing experience, the film, and aging. The most interest- ing responses came from these two questions: What did you think about the movie? Can you imagine yourself at 98? "I feel like people would start to forget about me." "If I am alive, I would like to live under a mass of crocheted or knitted clothing." "I thought it was a really sad movie. I wish I could help them and comfort them, too." "I can imagine myself in a nursing home and having fun." Reflections Through the portraits, their comments, and their written responses, students showed concern for those elderly who may need care and friendship. They shared stories about parents who work caring for the elderly, their own volun - teer work at nursing homes, their older relatives, and their own concerns about what life will be like when they are old themselves. I'm looking forward to dis - playing the works they've created and continuing this conversation with stu - dents about caring for America's elder population. Amy Albert Bloom is an art teacher at Exeter Township Junior High School in Pennsylvania. albloom@ N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D Connecting: Relate artistic ideas and work with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen under - standing. W E B L I N K Nora Kern, grade eight. Lydia Albright, grade eight.

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