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20 FEBRUARY 2019 SchoolArts E L E M E N T A R Y Birds of a FEATHER D eveloping care for others is deeply connected to our capac - ity to care for nature. Ongoing interaction with nature, specifi - cally through one's local environment, fosters empathy and a love of nature while contributing to the healthy growth of the learner's mind, body, Tiffany Anderson and Amy Pfeiler-Wunder and spirit. Lessons connecting to the sustainability of the natural world require educators to lead by example in their care and connection to nature while making learning engaging. In this lesson, students created bird headdresses based on research about local bird species, participated in an urban bird count, and presented their work at a local community out - door festival. Connecting Fifth-grade students learned about Pennsylvania native bird species through an in-class presentation of bird mounts from a local environ - mental education center. As a way to enhance personal connections, each student received an envelope con - taining pictures and facts about one specific native bird species. Using a brainstorming worksheet, students wrote down several facts about their bird's habitat, nesting and eating hab - its, and physical features such as beak and feet characteristics along with the bird's distinctive colors and patterns. Students also researched the symbolic

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